Regional Employment

Regional Employment Reports

Our ongoing analysis of Indiana nonprofit employment is a joint effort by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, the O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University to document the significant role of Indiana nonprofits in the state's economy by providing detailed information on the size, composition, and distribution of paid employment in the private nonprofit sector in Indiana.

In addition to analyzing trends in employment by industry and statewide nonprofit employment assessments, we have analyzed regional employment trends across different geographical units: Economic Growth Regions, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and selected counties.

In Part III of the 2007 Indiana Nonprofit Employment report, we presented profiles of the nonprofit sector in each of the state’s eleven Economic Growth Regions (EGRs). Read the full 2007 report or specific EGR reports below.

Introduction to EGRs

Northwest IN - Region 1

North Central IN - Region 2

Northeast IN - Region 3

Northwest Central IN - Region 4

Central IN - Region 5

East Central IN - Region 6

West Central IN - Region 7

South Central IN - Region 8

Southeast Central IN - Region 9

Southeast IN - Region 10

Southwest IN - Region 11

In the 2007 Indiana Nonprofit Employment Report, we make comparisons across Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Each MSA is composed of an urban core area containing a substantial population nucleus with adjacent communities with a high degree of economic and social integration with the core.

Read the full 2007 Employment Report here or see the Metropolitan Statistical Area excerpt here.

A special report was prepared in 2015 for our advisory board analyzing employment trends in the Fort Wayne MSA.

Distribution of Indiana’s nonprofit sector by Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2005 Distribution of Indiana’s nonprofit sector by Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2005