Research Design

Research Design

The project began in June 2000 and has produced a substantial body of research. It includes five major areas of study: Indiana Nonprofits Surveys, Indiana Nonprofit Employment, Nonprofits & Local Government, Community Profiles, and Special Topics. 

Our primary goal is to provide concrete data on Indiana nonprofit organizations in order to help community leaders develop effective, comprehensive, and collaborative solutions to community needs. 

Read brief summaries of each area of study below and see our survey results

Indiana Nonprofits Survey

Two comprehensive surveys of Indiana's nonprofit sector have been administered with the purpose of determining the scope and structure of the Indiana nonprofit sector as a whole. Our first survey was administered in 2002, and our second survey was administered in 2017.

See our results from these surveys  

Indiana Nonprofit Employment

Our team frequently analyzes employment data to document the significant role of Indiana nonprofits in the state's economy. These reports provide detailed information on the size, composition, and distribution of paid employment in Indiana's nonprofit sector. This includes statewide reports and special reports for major communities and regions.

See our employment reports

Nonprofits & Local Government

Our team uses Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (IACIR) survey data to assess current issues affecting local governments in Indiana and services available to Indiana residents related to Indiana nonprofit organizations.

See our local government reports

Community Profiles

Throughout the scope of the project, our team has profiled several participating communities to examine how the scope, structure, and linkages of the community’s nonprofit sector relate to community social, political, economic, and cultural characteristics.

See our community profile reports

Special Topics

We have completed several smaller projects on special topics relevant to the Indiana nonprofit sector in order to assess the impact of changes like overtime pay requirements (2016), nonprofit trust (2008), personal affiliation (2001), and creating a comprehensive nonprofit database (2001).

See our special topics reports