Indiana Nonprofit Surveys

Indiana Nonprofit Surveys

The Indiana Nonprofits Project has issued a number of surveys to assess the nonprofit sector. With the help of the Center for Survey Research (CSR) at Indiana University, we have commissioned two comprehensive surveys of the nonprofit sector in 2002 and 2017 as well as two surveys of nonprofit capacity in 2007 and 2010. We have also conducted a number of smaller surveys of individuals to assess personal nonprofit affiliation and perceived nonprofit trustworthiness

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Current Survey

Our third survey of Indiana nonprofits was conducted in 2017 and completed by more than 1,000 Indiana nonprofits of all types - charities, congregations, advocacy nonprofits, membership associations, etc. This survey included questions similar to those on the 2002 survey, but with additional in-depth questions about information technology, government policies, and other challenges. We are now analyzing the results of the survey and reports will be posted here as soon as they become available.

This survey was invitation-only and was sent by email or mail. We are grateful to our participants. We know your time is valuable, but your participation in our survey will help us present data to help state and local leaders determine how best to support and strengthen the Indiana nonprofit sector.

Read our newest publication in Series One, Overview of Indiana Nonprofits: Indiana Arts and Culture Nonprofits:
Overview and Challenges.

Nonprofit Capacity Assessment

Our second survey assessed the need of capacity building and technical assistance training in response to the challenges and opportunities nonprofit organizations face daily. This survey was designed to help grantmakers understand the obstacles organizations face and utilize key strategies to address these challenges. Our hope is to facilitate more effective collaboration between Indiana nonprofit organizations and Indiana grantmakers.

Phase I, completed in 2007, surveyed 91 charities at the request of the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance and Lumina Foundation for Education

Phase II, completed in 2010, surveyed almost 400 arts and culture organizations at the request of the Indiana Arts Commission

2002 Comprehensive Survey

Our first comprehensive survey of Indiana nonprofits was completed in 2002. A joint effort by the Center on Philanthropy and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, this survey analyzed charities, congregations, advocacy nonprofits, and membership associations to form a baseline of information about Indiana’s large nonprofit sector.